Incidents & Accidents

Wednesday, November 7


Man suffers seizure following motor vehicle accident

  Emergency medical crews and police and fire personnel rushed to the scene of an accident: A motor vehicle crashed into two unoccupied vehicles in the KMart parking lot on Main Street. According to the report, upon arrival firefighters found an unconscious adult male inside a locked, running vehicle. After breaking the driver’s side window, the man was extracted from the vehicle and rushed to the Melrose–Wakefield Hospital for treatment. No other injuries were reported.


Proof there’s no such thing as the perfect crime—even at Macy’s

  Police reported that a large amount of North Face jackets were stolen from Macy’s at the Square One Mall. According to the report, a male was seen allegedly fleeing in a red Chevy Equinox; a license plate number was noted. A search was conducted and a possible suspect was determined.


Thursday, November 8


My guess is the driver of the red sports car really didn’t care

  A caller reported a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Walnut and Elm Streets. According to the report, the drivers of the two vehicles stated the accident was caused by another vehicle, described as a small red sports car, which ran a red light and caused the other two vehicles to crash. The drivers stated that the driver of the red vehicle made no attempt to stop to check on the occupants of the other vehicles. Both drivers refused medical attention and were able to drive away on their own power.


Resident loses valuables in breaking & entering

  A Wendell Street resident reported a break-in at her home, and police discovered a second level rear door had been forced open. The resident reported that two boxes of jewelry had been taken, among other valuables. According to the report, area neighbors told police that they heard or saw nothing unusual.


Friday, November 9


You can toss furniture all you want, as long as it lands on your own side

  A caller reported to police that an Edge Hill Road resident was performing construction and throwing furniture over the fence. Dispatched officers reported speaking to the homeowner, who said he would stop construction for the evening. Officers did observe debris in the yard, but it was on the involved party’s property. Police stated the caller was satisfied with the officer’s findings.


Driver claims he had no idea he struck the dog

  A Beech Street resident reported her dog was just struck and killed by a motor vehicle that had allegedly left the scene. Dispatched officers were given the license plate number of the vehicle, and they found the operator, who claimed he had no idea that he had struck a dog. The driver stated that he would speak to the owner of the dog and make retribution for the owner’s loss.


Firefighters’ time wasted, thanks to idiot prankster

  Firefighters were summoned to the Square One Mall about someone who had allegedly released a homemade smoke bomb in the rear hallway near Dick’s Sporting Goods. Firefighters used a smoke ejector to clear the area and reset the alarm. Mall security handed over a manufactured smoke bomb in a plastic bag to firefighters.


Saturday, November 10


These Cadillac drivers think they own the roads and bridges!

  Police were summoned to the Belden Bly Bridge about a truck and trailer stuck on the median. According to the report, the owner of the Dodge pickup and trailer reported that a black male driving a white Cadillac Escalade had cut him off, forcing him into the Jersey barrier as the Escalade continued southbound on Route 107 (Salem Turnpike).


The man tried to stick it to the coyote

  A caller reported to police that a male on Lincoln Avenue was trying to hit a coyote with a stick. Dispatched officers reported that the animal ran back into the marsh and was unable to be located. The environmental police stated that they would be arriving to look for the coyote. The federally-protected coyote has since filed charges and will be seeking reparations (just kidding).


You mean he didn’t know he was on a reality show?

  A man walked into police headquarters to report that he believes he has been followed for several days by a man in a gold Honda Accord, who he believes is videotaping him. He asked that the incident be documented.


Sunday, November 11


What kind of “snake” would abandon a pet python?

  Police received a call from the manager of PetSmart on Broadway about a 4–5 foot long Burmese Python left in front of the store. Dispatched officers contacted environmental police, who arrived to pick up the snake.


Monday, November 12


Overworked and tired, nothing stops a good dad!

  Police received a report about what they believe was a man playing football with several children at the Veterans Memorial Elementary School field. According to the report, the caller believed him to be under the influence. Dispatched officers arrived on the scene, and after speaking to the man, discovered that despite working a double shift and not having slept, he found time to play with his son.


It’s “all terrain” but this one

Police responded to a report that someone was observed driving an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) through the Guard Street neighborhood. According to the report, the officer spoke to the caller, who stated that he observed an ATV driving at a high rate of speed there. The officer found the alleged driver of the ATV, and the driver was advised of the consequences of driving the ATV on town streets.

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