Incidents & Accidents

Tuesday, November 13


Are they your friends?

  A Dudley Street woman called police to report that her husband’s friends were outside their home allegedly selling drugs. According to the report, an argument ensued between the wife, husband, and his friends in front of the home. Dispatched officers arrived on the scene and reported that no drug activity was taking place, as the friends had left prior to the officer’s arrival.


Wednesday, November 14


He definitely wasn’t the store’s answer to Ansel Adams

  An unidentified person walked into police HQ to report that an employee of Marshall’s at the Square One Mall, identified as “Wally,” was allegedly taking inappropriate photographs of female employees. According to the report, the reporting party was unable to provide a voluntary statement and refused to provide a name or any victims’ names. The person was advised that without any information, the investigation would unlikely return any results. Officers stated that they would speak to the department store management.


This month’s “Dope Slap of the Month” goes to…

  It’s hard to believe that some people, after being scammed while allegedly trying to “purchase” stolen merchandise, will go to the police to complain. A male caller reported to police that a man claiming to work at Sears at the Square One Mall stated he would provide four TVs for $3,000. The caller had arrived at Sears and given a man, described as a white male in his 50s, $3,000 in cash and then watched the man walk into a door next to Sears, never to be seen again. For some reason, this ruse at the mall never seems to get old.


You call that a trade?!

  A Castle Rock Road resident and a neighbor called police to report that someone had taken scrap metal off their property over the weekend. According to the report, a blue van was spotted in the neighborhood and even dumped a chair onto the property. No other information was available. The three incidents were documented.


I think he left more than a piece of paper

  A woman came into police HQ to report that, while parked at the Walgreen’s parking lot on Route 1 North, her new Jeep was struck, causing damage to the driver’s side mirror and body panels. According to the report, the suspect vehicle was a Ford Windstar whose owner left a note stating that he had hit the Jeep but only caused a scratch and offered no further information. The accident was witnessed by a bystander who provided the suspect’s license plate number. Detectives spoke to the Windstar driver, who admitted to the accident but believed he hadn’t caused any damage. Both parties were advised to file accident reports.


Thursday, November 15


I think they’re all in cahoots!

  Police received two calls reporting the sound of gun shots near Western Avenue. Officers responded to the area and spoke to two females, who stated that they saw two fireworks being lit in the Arcadia Street area. Meanwhile, another officer spoke to the operator of a motor vehicle, who stated that he broke an axle on his vehicle on Oceanview Avenue; that created two loud banging noises. Gun shots, fire crackers, or a broken axle—you decide.


Friday, November 16


I guess he didn’t fix it

  An employee at Extra Space Storage on Route 1 North reported that a technician was trapped inside their elevator. Firefighters were dispatched and extracted the victim.


Was headed for trouble?

A man called police to report that, while walking along Route 1 South along Broadway, he struck his head on a damaged “Exit 20 MPH” street sign and might have suffered a concussion. The man declined an ambulance being sent to his home but stated that he was heading (no pun intended) to an area hospital to have his injuries evaluated. State Dept. of Public Works was contacted and informed of the incident and will respond to repair the damaged sign, according to the report.


Sunday, November 18


It definitely wasn’t Noah’s Ark

  A caller from the Ministerio Betel Central on Ballard Street reported an abandoned boat in the parking lot. According to the report, the hull number on the 24-foot older model Larson boat did not come back to any owner and it appeared to have been stripped. There was no license plate number on the trailer. The caller was advised to have the boat towed off the property at his own cost since it was on private property.


Taxis—the eyes and ears of the streets

  A caller from a local taxi company reported an armed robbery in progress at the Riverview Convenience Store at Boston Street and Hamilton Avenue in Lynn. The suspect was last seen running towards Fairmount Avenue in Saugus wearing dark clothing with a white insignia on the back of his jacket—possibly wearing a mask and carrying a knife. He is approximately 5’6″–5’7″ in height. A search for the suspect turned up negative.


Monday, November 19


I wonder if the SUV fled to Lynn

  A patrolman reported a suspicious vehicle on Walnut Street occupied by two white males who appeared to be looking into the back of a truck. The suspicious SUV, described as a late model red Chevrolet SUV, had revoked insurance but no further known information. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle, but it fled up Walnut Street towards Route 1 into Lynnfield. An all-points bulletin was placed to all area units and state police.

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