Incidents & Accidents

Monday, January 7


Now, if they can just do that with EBT cards

  Police on routine patrol outside Stop & Shop on Main Street found a 2011 black Mercedes-Benz GL450 parked in a handicapped parking spot with a HP placard hanging from its rearview mirror. Following a quick investigation, police discovered the handicapped placard did not belong to the vehicle or its driver. The placard was promptly seized, and a citation was issued to the driver.


Tuesday, January 8


Yeah, you’ll be the first to know

Hoping for an honest person, a man reported to police that while at Chipotle Restaurant on Route 1 North for lunch, he lost $4,600 in cash in an envelope that he claimed was in his back pocket while he was there. According to the report, the man stated that he left the restaurant, only to return a half hour later unable to locate the cash. After he spoke with the management, he found out that there were no security cameras in the establishment where he was eating and no one had turned in the money. The restaurant manager stated that he would call the man if someone returns the money.


Police seek suspect in bank robbery

  Dispatch received two phone calls—one from the Bank of America on Route 1 and a second from a Bank of America monitoring company—both reporting that the bank was robbed. According to the report, police are seeking a suspect described as a white male, possibly in his 30’s, wearing a red baseball cap, glasses and red pants, who might have a beard. The suspect passed a note demanding cash and then retrieved the note prior to exiting the bank. It wasn’t reported whether the man showed a weapon.


Wednesday, January 9


He must really like his coffee!

  Police received a call for a shoplifter at the Sears store at the Square One Mall. According to the report, a man walked out of the store carrying two Kuerig coffeemakers; the entire incident was videotaped by security. The alleged shoplifter, Damien Centrella, was observed taking the two coffeemakers to his Toyota Camry. A court summons was issued.


Thursday, January 10


Purse-snatching at the pizzeria

  Police are searching for a teenager who ran into Home Town Pizza and ran off with a woman’s pocketbook. According to the report, the woman stated that she was sitting at a table in the restaurant when a man described as a white male, possibly late teens or early 20’s, entered the restaurant through the front door, ran over to the woman’s table and grabbed her purse, then ran outside and up Staaf Road. The man was described as wearing a black sweatshirt with a hood over his head, jeans, approx. 5’ 10”, and 180 lbs. During a search of the area police found a black sweatshirt on Raddin Terrace. The investigation continues.


Friday, January 11


I guess they fixed everything all right!

  Police received a call from a man who stated that he had work performed on his vehicle at a local automotive shop and just realized when he got the vehicle back that it had different license plates and the registration was missing. The incident is under investigation.


Wait—was his name Tom?

  A Stocker Street resident called police to report a man outside her house looking in her window. Dispatched officers reported speaking to the caller, who described the person as a white male with either a beard or moustache and wearing a green or blue bathrobe. Police were unable to locate the man but advised the woman to call if he returns.


Super gas spill costs super bucks to clean up

  Fire crews were dispatched to Super Petroleum on Lincoln Avenue after a report of a strong gasoline odor. Upon arrival, fire officials discovered that a tanker truck, which had just finished off-loading, had spilled approximately 30 gallons of 87 octane gasoline. Firefighters found the fuel leaking into the storm drain at the end of the street. The storm drain was immediately diked-off with Speedi-Dri and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was notified. Approximately 15 bags of Speedi-Dri were delivered from headquarters to aid in the cleanup. EPA officials ordered the delivery company to hire a licensed clean-up company to remove the spill and clean out the catch basin. Fire officials briefed the EPA official upon his arrival to mitigate the cleanup of the area.


Saturday, January 12


They always blame the bass player

  A Denver Street resident reported to police that there was loud music coming from a nearby garage. Dispatched officers reported that while they were in the area of the reported garage band the music was not at a disturbing level. The officer then spoke to a band member, who stated that they would adjust the bass.


Sunday, January 13


It must have been a pretty special cigarette

  Police responded to Walnut Street at Oak Crest Street about a report of a man knocking on doors asking for a cigarette. Obviously unclear on the concepts of self-reliance and privacy, the man was sent on his way following a discussion with police officers.


He truly was a surprise that evening

ASaugus police officer reported being with a suspicious male at the Mobil gas station parking lot in Cliftondale Square. According to the report, the man was walking around in the dark taking pictures. The man told the officer that he was a surprise inspector for the company, but when asked for identification, he could only produce a MA driver’s license. The officer checked with the store clerk, who acknowledged surprise inspections from the company but thought it odd that the man did not have employee identification. The clerk permitted the inspection to continue.

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