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Tuesday, January 22


Who to believe—the ol’ curmudgeon or the young whippersnapper?

  A woman called police to report that as she left work on Broadway on Jan. 19 at 6 p.m. she began to pull out of her parking space and was interrupted by an elderly gentleman. He accused her of hitting his vehicle and causing damage. The woman claimed the man was verbally abusive and demanded to see her license and vehicle registration. According to the report, the woman stated that she did not observe any damage to either vehicle but exchanged information with the man and asked police to take the information for file purposes.


Collision of facts

A man walked into Police HQ to allege that while his work truck was parked in front of a local retail store in Saugus Center at 1:00 p.m., it was struck by a Hummer truck. The man stated that the driver of the Hummer got out and spoke to him then left the scene without exchanging license or vehicle information. An officer was provided the license plate for the Hummer. The driver stated to the officer that her vehicle never made contact with the man’s truck. The officer also noted that there was no evidence of a collision with the Hummer.


Wednesday, January 23


Repossessing a rental car

  The manager for a local rental car company on Route 1 South walked into police HQ to report one of his rental vehicles stolen. The employee reported that a 2013 Ford Mustang was rented on Dec. 3, 2012, and was to be returned by Jan. 19, 2013, as ordered by the civil demand by the rental company. All attempts to contact the woman have been unsuccessful, according to the report. The chase is on—so to speak.


Pellet stove sparks fire at Jasper Street home

  Fire crews were called to 27 Jasper Street about a report of a fire outside the home. According to the report, sparks from a pellet stove ignited leaves and debris that accumulated against the home’s foundation. Firefighters also doused a gasoline tank used for a portable generator that was stored in the area. Approximately 60 sq. feet of vinyl siding was melted. Thankfully, the fire did not extend to the building and no injuries were reported.


The one time you’re glad you live on a high-traffic street

  A repossession company called police to report that they would have to make a second attempt at repossessing a motor vehicle, due to the heavy traffic on Walnut Street, where the vehicle is garaged.


Thursday, January 24


It’s nice when the bad guys lose their “sweepstakes”

  A Laurel Gardens resident alerted police to a scam artist who thought she found an easy mark. The spry 73-year-old man told police that a woman claiming to be a representative from the Publishers Clearing House was calling him, stating that he had won a prize and needed to go to Walgreens and buy a gift card for $100. Then he should either leave the gift card in his mailbox, so that a representative could leave his prize, or wait for her to call him back so that he could give her the gift card numbers over the phone and then they would send him his prize. An officer arrived at the man’s apartment and intercepted the phone call from the phony, who provided a fake name and telephone number. After speaking with the woman and obtaining all her information, the officer advised the phony prize person that the phone line was being traced and all the information forwarded to the FBI. The call was immediately terminated. The resident was advised to contact the police if he receives any more calls, and the managers of Walgreens were also advised of the scam. The incident is still under investigation.


Sprint’s not “big” on identification for employees

  Police stopped a Toyota Corolla for a one-way violation on East Denver Street and noted that the vehicle was equipped with several antennas and computers. The two men occupying the vehicle claimed that they worked for Sprint and were testing the area for coverage. Neither party, according to the report, could produce any form of Sprint identification. The two men were told to leave the town and to next time report in at the police station with proper identification.


Friday, January 25


Dog likes pants

  A caller reported to police that a pit bull attacked him while walking on School Street, grabbing his pant leg. The caller stated that he was on his way to work and the dog was still on the loose. Animal Control was notified, and the officer reported that the dog could not be located despite a search of the area. It was not reported whether the victim suffered any injuries.


What a scary way to discover you have really bad phone service

  Saugus emergency dispatch received a 911 call from a Garfield Avenue, Saugus, caller who requested an ambulance at a Billerica residence due to a possible electrocution. According to the report, when the dispatcher attempted to transfer the call to the Billerica Police Dept., they received an automated recording: “the call could not be completed as dialed; please check the number and dial again.” The message would not stop playing, hindering dispatch from connecting with the Billerica police. An internet search for the Billerica PD provided a phone number that allowed the caller to press zero, but there was no response. Another internet search for the Billerica fire department connected, and the emergency information was provided to their emergency personnel. Sadly, the process took approximately 10 minutes from the initial emergency phone call. Dispatch notified Verizon 911, and the Billerica police and fire department numbers were added to the Rolodex.


Saturday, January 26


Some kids’ backsides are gonna’ be smokin’ when they get home!

A caller reported to police that several kids were starting fires behind Denver Street property. Fire officials requested police to respond in an attempt to apprehend the children, who may have been starting the fires prior to the fire dept.’s response. Dispatched officers reported that several youths had been dispersed from the area; no alcohol was found; and the fire would extinguish itself. An officer would give the station the names of the youths found at the scene.


Sunday, January 27


“Last one to leave please shut off the…um, hello?”

  A caller notified police that a local gas station on Lincoln Avenue was closed but all the lights were still on and she was concerned that something might be wrong. Officers were dispatched to Super Petroleum and discovered that the lights were on but no one was inside. According to the report, a key holder was summoned and will respond to shut off the lights. I wonder if his name is Elvis.


Someone didn’t like the shirt?

  A caller reported to police that her Central Street neighbor was out in the backyard burning her husband’s property. Dispatched officers cancelled the fire dept. responders, because there wasn’t a fire—just an attempt at burning a shirt, unsuccessfully. Although there was someone home, no one answered the door to speak with officers.

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