Incidents & Accidents

Monday, January 28

It all works out in the end

  Emergency crews were dispatched to a scene where a four-year-old girl had reportedly swallowed a penny and was choking. Upon arrival, Saugus FD and ambulance members were told by the child’s nervous mom that her daughter did indeed eat a penny, but the mom refused further medical treatment, because it was deemed that the child had good air exchange.


Fortunately, not a serious accident

  A woman arrived at police HQ to report that, while driving on Route 99 that late afternoon, she struck a woman who was crossing the road. According to the report, the woman stated that the unidentified victim was in her late twenties and was crossing near Maddy’s Lounge when she struck her. The victim claimed that she did not need any medical attention. The woman asked that the incident be placed on record.


Tuesday, January 29

T’was a bad day to be without heat

  A Longwood Ave. resident called police to report water gushing from a nearby home. Fire crews were dispatched, and it was discovered that the heat had been shut off since the home had been abandoned. Fire crews shut off the water, and the electrical company was notified, as was Saugus Inspectional Services. A Newton law firm handling the home was also contacted. The law firm stated that they would respond and take further action.


You ever get the feelin’ that there’s always more to the story?

  A woman at a Lincoln Ave. gas station called police to report that after she accidentally bumped into the vehicle in front of her, the other vehicle’s female driver became upset and stated that she was going to the police station instead of exchanging information. The caller also stated that she could not understand why the other driver wouldn’t exchange information. Police dispatch also received a call from the upset driver. After declining medical attention, the woman was informed that the accident was logged.


Wednesday, January 30

“Let you pass?!! What state are you from?!!”

  A caller reported to police that he was involved in a motor vehicle accident on Walnut St. and requested the police. Dispatched officers reported that a Nissan Maxima traveled east on Walnut St. and the operator of a Chevy Malibu thought the driver of the Maxima was pulling to the right to allow him to pass, which caused the accident. There were no injuries reported, and the drivers exchanged information.


Thursday, January 31

Winds roared as wires came down all around town

  Emergency crews and National Grid employees were summoned all over Saugus due to reports of wires down from Hayden Rd. to Main St., Staaf Rd., Saugus Mobil Park on Route 1, and Birch St., among others.


Friday, February 1

That’s what you’d call a “public service massage”

  An anonymous caller to police alleged that after he answered a back page advertisement for a massage he went to the Red Roof Inn on Route 1 North and was robbed of his money from a man and a woman inside one of the guest rooms. According to the report, the caller refused to identify himself and only stated that after threatening to call police during the alleged incident, the woman stated that she would tell police that he raped her. The man said the incident had occurred several days ago, and he would not provide any further details; he only called in the event that other persons were victimized by the same scam.


Dumped at Dunkin’

  A woman walked into police HQ to report that she was left at Dunkin’ Donuts during a date, and the man left with her handbag. Police called the man, who stated to officers that he left the woman’s handbag outside his vehicle and then took off, concerned over his date’s alleged “irrational behavior.” Officers met the woman at the Dunkin’ Donuts and checked security cameras from the coffee shop and a nearby restaurant but could not identify the vehicle that dropped her off. The woman stated that she only knew the man by the name “Paul” and had only met him three days ago at a Stop & Shop in Lynn.

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  1. Guest
    March 10, 2013 at 12:39 am

    Will this path be paved? It could be difficult to ride a bike other than a mountain bike on it.

  2. the no name bandit
    April 13, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    this is some crazy stuff and only four months, 20,000 fine, how many times did he break the law? thousands….. four months , gives new meaning to WHITE COLLAR CRIME

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