Incidents & Accidents

Monday, August 5


Thankfully it wasn’t “black gold” or “Texas tea”

  Utility company workers installing ground power lines reported hitting a gas line at their work site at the corner of Main St. and Newhall Ave. prompting Saugus firefighters to respond along with mutual aid from neighboring Lynn and Melrose. According to the report, the crews hit a two-inch gas line causing police to close Main St. at Vine and Summer streets. A safe zone was established as three residents were evacuated from their homes. The gas line was secured by National Grid which took over an hour.


Next time – throw coffee at him

  A man walked into police HQ to report that his car was damaged by debris due to a Chevy pick-up truck doing “donuts” in a dirt parking lot by the ITAM on Eastern Ave. A “donut” is a term for when a vehicle spins its rear tires causing the vehicle’s rear end to turn in a circle creating skid marks that look like a “donut”. The man stated that his vehicle had dents from the rocks that struck his vehicle from the donut culprit. The man provided the truck’s license plate number.


Tuesday, August 6


I hate when Al Qaeda calls and complains

  A caller reported to police that someone was hanging a political sign on the overpass at Walnut Street over Route 1 south. Upon investigation by an officer, who reported that it was just one person on the side of the road waving an American flag. No violations were reported, according to the officer.


Now that’s no way to treat Bob

  Loss Prevention employees calling from Bob’s Stores on Route 1 north reported that three males entered the store around 1:30 PM and stole approximately $1000 worth of merchandise then ran out of the store. According to the report, the trio jumped into what was described as a burnt orange-colored SUV, possibly a Jeep after filling up a black trash bag with hooded sweatshirts. Police are reviewing security video.


So much for the “tracking” app

  A caller reported to police that his daughter had left her Apple Iphone unattended at the Square One Mall earlier that day and believed that the tracking device inside the phone has picked up a signal on a home on Tanglewood Drive. The parent was seeking police assistance in retrieving the cell phone. Unfortunately, according to the officer, there is no way of knowing exactly where the cell phone is located and that it may still be at the mall. Maybe they should try the telephone app.


Thursday, August 8


A little respect for the “Sporty”, thank you

  An officer reported a motorcycle laying on its side in front of Town Hall in Central Square. According to the report, the ’99 Harley-Davidson XL883 Sportster did not appear to have any damage so the officer righted the motorcycle back on its kickstand and provided the license plate number to contact the owner.


Explains why locking gas caps are all the rage nowadays

  A Suntaug Estates resident called police to report that after filling up his dump truck with well over half a tank of fuel the day before, he went back to his truck the next day and discovered the truck had less than a quarter of a tank left. After checking the fuel level again with a measuring stick he confirmed that the tank was very low indeed. According to the report, the man believes that someone may have siphoned gasoline from his truck sometime during the overnight hours – or as we like to call them, the “gas-sucking hours”.


Friday, August 9


Funny – they always run in one particular direction

  An emergency call from a driver involved in a minor motor vehicle accident on Walnut St. at Central St. stated that the driver of the other vehicle, a Honda Odyssey, took off on foot heading towards Lynn. The suspect was described as a tall white male, blond hair wearing all black. Once the license plate was noted by Saugus Police, they notified Salem Police who in turn notified the registered owner’s address in an attempt to notify the driver. Salem Police later identified the driver. No injuries were reported from the crash.


Sunday, August 11


He should have dieted before work

  A Winter St. neighbor of an apartment complex reported an attempted break-in to her neighbor’s apartment when she observed a man attempting to squeeze through the window which may have been a tight squeeze for the alleged suspect. According to the report, once the man saw the neighbor, he jumped out the window, onto a bicycle, fleeing the scene in an unknown direction of travel. Police were unable to locate the suspect.


Should drop them off at reform school

  A Newhall St. resident alerted police to three mischievous youngsters walking up Newhall St. banging on residential homes’ front doors and then running away. Upon investigation by an officer, the three youths were given a ride to one of the parent’s homes on Lincoln Avenue. What – no ice cream?


Carelessness of the worst kind

  A caller reported to police that he had found a gun in the Village Park on Main St. and would like the police to pick it up. A dispatched officer was handed a 25 cal. Beretta semi-auto handgun without a magazine but with one bullet in the chamber. The officer cleared the chamber then responded to the area where the gun was found to see if the magazine was still in the vicinity. A serial number was obtained from the weapon and a notification was attempted at a Saugus address of the owner.


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