Incidents and Accidents

Tuesday, January 1


Two plates, two cars; what’s the problem?

  A caller reported that a Hamilton Street resident was attaching license plates to two of his vehicles, stating that it has been an ongoing problem, because the two vehicles are sporting the same license plate. Dispatched officers found the vehicles parked with the same license plate; they then issued a citation and seized one of the plates.


Nothing to see, speak, or hear here, folks

  Police received a call from a Norma Lane resident reporting a beige SUV driving through the neighborhood at a very slow speed. According to the resident, a woman passenger exited the vehicle and began taking pictures of houses in the area. When the woman was confronted by the resident, she claimed that she didn’t speak English. The vehicle and its occupants, described as a white male driver and two children in the back seat, left the area. Police searched but couldn’t find the vehicle.


Not a good way to share the road

  A Saugus police officer observed an occupant in a red vehicle throw a bottle and strike a bicyclist as he passed by on Hamilton Street. The bicyclist then provided information on the motor vehicle to police, who then received word that a vehicle matching the information was pulled over in Lynn. Saugus PD then assisted at the stop where the driver was identified. The bottle-wielding driver was issued a citation for speeding; the investigation continues.


Thursday, January 3


Forget the commission—the test drive was a blast!

  Saugus police pulled over a black Ford Mustang with dealer plates in the parking lot off Route 1. According to the report, the vehicle was being test-driven (most likely testing the boundaries of local speed limits). The prospected driver was cited by police, and the vehicle was driven back to the dealership by the employee.


The irony of the fireplace

  Saugus firefighters and emergency crews, along with one Wakefield FD Engine, rushed to a reported fire in progress at 6 Athens Drive. Upon arrival, firefighters discovered that the fire inside the fireplace had extended into the walls and ceilings; the heavy fire was contained to the one story portion of the house, according to the report.


Friday, January 4


My guess it was a Rangers fan

  Police received two 911 calls from a husband and another from the man’s wife, reporting a road rage incident on Route 1 North. According to the wife, someone with a New York license plate had allegedly thrown a can at her vehicle. The husband, who was not with the wife, told police that his wife reported the incident to him and that she was following the suspect vehicle on Main Street in Saugus. The man provided the license plate number of the vehicle. The woman was unable to provide a better location to the police, as she then terminated her call.


Neither rain, nor sleet, nor head injury… well, maybe head injury

  Firefighters responded to a call about a man who fell outside an apartment at Laurel Gardens and was bleeding. Upon arrival, emergency personnel found a mail carrier sitting on the ground outside of the apartment complex with a small laceration to the top of his head. According to the report, the postman stated that he didn’t know how he might have injured himself or if he had lost consciousness. His vital signs were taken as the post office was notified of the incident. The postman was placed on a stretcher and taken to Melrose-Wakefield Hospital for treatment. Postal representatives arrived to take possession of the mail and the postal carrier’s vehicle. We wish the postman a speedy recovery.


Trial by ice water for new Saugus firefighters

Saugus FD personnel brought two new firefighters to Walnut Street pond for an ice rescue drill. The freshmen firefighters were dressed in ice rescue suits and put into the icy waters through a hole cut in the ice to demonstrate the different methods of removing victims that have fallen through the ice.


Saturday, January 5


Elderly couple reportedly robbed at knife point

  Police received a call from the manager of Polcari’s Restaurant, who stated that an elderly couple just stopped in their parking lot and reported that they were robbed at knife point in the Continental Restaurant parking lot at approximately 11:30 that evening. Dispatched officers reported that the suspect was a white male, 5’10”, possibly in his 30’s, slim build, wearing a grey, hooded sweatshirt, and armed with a knife. The couple stated that the man claimed to be armed with a gun. The suspect had taken $55 in cash and the victim’s purse. A woman told police she might have seen a man matching the description walk behind a nearby building carrying a brown bag. Officers report that they were unable to locate the suspect.


Sunday, January 6


Utility vehicle struck as vehicle rolls over, trapping driver

  Emergency crews rushed to the scene of a woman trapped inside a rolled-over vehicle off Main Street. Upon arrival, emergency personnel found a white Comcast van that had been parked and struck by a green Subaru Outback that hit a pole, causing it to roll over. The driver of the vehicle was rushed to the Mass. General Hospital for treatment. The victim was with her dog, which was sent to a neighbor’s home while the owner sought medical treatment.


It’s all part of the cool customizing

  Police received a call about an erratic operator of an older model Honda Civic on Lincoln Avenue, which had a tailpipe dragging on the ground, causing sparking, and heading toward Lynn. Lynn police were notified, as the vehicle was last seen on Lincoln Avenue and Ballard Street. A caller then reported the vehicle was in the drive-thru at McDonald’s on Boston Street in Lynn. Lynn police were given the vehicle’s license plate number.


He has no idea his cat has access to his credit cards

  A Fairmount Avenue resident called police to report that her neighbor’s dog has been barking for an hour and, after speaking to the neighbor, the barking continues. Dispatched officers reported speaking to the dog owner, who stated to the officer that the dog “plays games with him” and will not come in when he asks. According to the report, this was the second night of this.

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