Saugus Incidents & Arrests

Saugus Incidents & Arrests


Monday, September 5


Stupid is as stupid does

  Some real intelligent folks with brains most likely the size of gnats left their calling cards at the Riverside Cemetery when police discovered that nine gravestones had been knocked over in the area of the police memorial. If there’s a Redeemer, I have a feeling their acts of vandalism may come back to bite them when they meet their maker – I hope.


Could an act of vigilance been the cause?

A caller reported to police that an erratic operator of an SUV travelling on Central Street had crossed the roadway and had allegedly almost struck him. Dispatched officers pulled over the suspected vehicle whose driver stated to police that she was afraid to go home because the caller was following her – so police escorted her home. No charges were filed against the operator or the caller.


Tuesday, September 6

Saugus High doesn’t have a drag race track, right?

  Police were summoned by a caller who reported that a Ford Mustang and a Toyota Camry were allegedly driving on the high school field. Although the two vehicles fled the scene prior to police arrival, officers made their way to each of the vehicle operators’ addresses to ask the question – why?


A brainless act could only happen outside a library

  A woman reported to police that someone had vandalized her car on the evening of Sept. 1 while working at the Saugus Public Library – keying the driver’s side door to the rear fender. If karma exists a bookshelf should fall on whoever caused such senseless destruction to another person’s property.


Never claim to be the victim – especially when video proves otherwise!

  An ongoing battle between two irate neighbors may have finally received some official ruling by police when one Myrtle Street resident called police to complain about her neighbor allegedly throwing eggs at her front door. But when police responded to the call, they discovered that the alleged egg thrower may actually be the victim in an ongoing feud. According to the report, upon investigating the egg incident, police noted that the man accused of throwing the eggs may actually be the victim of harassment by the neighbor – thanks to surveillance video he had installed on his property. The neighbor provided police with photos and video of his neighbor dumping trash on his property, destroying his plants and shrubs, as well as yelling derogatory and racially-charged remarks at him and his family. But to make matters worse for his neighbor, the man provided a sworn affidavit from the home’s previous owner spelling out similar problems they also had with the alleged nasty neighbor.


There are better ways of getting the teacher’s attention

  A woman walked into police headquarters to report that she has been receiving harassing phone calls and believes that it may be one of her students from a Boston area high school. According to the report, pornographic pictures are also being sent from the same phone number. Police are investigating the matter.


Wednesday, September 7

So that’s where the car keys went

  Emergency crews were called to a Lawndale Ave. home where they discovered a 3 year-old girl with an obstructed nasal passage. Although the girl could breathe and was not in any danger, firefighters found that the toddler had pushed a crayon up her nose. According to the report, “with a piece of tissue, some instruction, and a little encouragement” – the patient was able to blow the obstruction from her nose. No further treatment was necessary.


That’s no way to ask for money

  Police received a call from an upset mother who stated that a white male wearing a blue and white colored hooded sweatshirt allegedly assaulted her daughter by pushing her to the ground. Dispatched officers located the alleged assailant at a local convenience store where it was discovered by another officer speaking to the daughter that there wasn’t any battery – only a verbal argument after she was asked for money.


Time to check – and rethink the guest list

  An Elizabeth Court resident walked into the station to report that after hosting a party for approximately 35 guests at his home on Saturday, Sept. 3rd, he discovered that his Rolex watch and a gold bracelet were missing after his guests had left.


Thursday, September 8

Can’t say it was an “act of God”

  A caller reported to police that a black BMW rolled out of the church parking lot on Main Street on to a lawn across the street. A dispatched officer attempted to make notification to the owner but was unsuccessful – so the professionals at McGarvey Towing were called to remove the vehicle. The owner was cited by police for faulty equipment.


Even chains and locks can’t keep your property safe

  A man walked into police headquarters to report that on Sept. 8, someone had cut a chain and lock at a storage yard right before the Salem Turnpike and stole a white freight truck and five 24” tires with rims from another truck as well.


Friday, September 9

Good thing the car wash was there

A 911 cell call to emergency crews reporting a truck fire on the Frank Bennett Highway at the Barn Car Wash on route one. Police reported that an employee of the car wash aided the owner of the Chevy pick-up truck and responded with a fire extinguisher. The vehicle had to be towed away since it was extensively damaged by the fire.


Police take notice of stalker

A woman walked into the police station reporting that an unknown male in a silver vehicle had followed her from Essex Street near the Melrose line to the police station parking lot – when he drove away once the woman ran inside the police station. The vehicle driven by the alleged stalker sped down Hamilton Street before police could question the man. The vehicle has been described as a silver 1999 Acura with New Hampshire plates. The owner has been identified and police are investigating.


Strange how they always end up in Chelsea

Police received calls of a hit and run of a motor vehicle in front of St. Margaret’s Church on Lincoln Avenue. Following an area search which turned up negative for the involved vehicle, witnesses stated that the vehicle fled in the direction of Revere. A call placed to Revere police discovered that they had stopped the vehicle in Chelsea, describing heavy front end as well as left and right side damage to the vehicle and a front tire completely off its rim. Chelsea police towed the vehicle from the scene.


Sonny needed a good talking to about his roller skating etiquette

A detail  officer at Roller World on route one reported a disturbance between two males at the rink. A dispatched officer removed the young lad in question and spoke to the boy’s father about his behavior towards others, according to the report, and peace has been restored.


Saturday, September 10

If it’s the Moonies tell ‘em I’m in the shower

A Milano Drive resident called police to report that two young females going door-to-door were asking for information about homeowner/s in the area of a certain residence on Milano Drive. A dispatched officer located the women on the drive and discovered that the two women were selling magazines for a company out of Arizona. The two were advised to seek the proper soliciting permit from town hall to sell door-to-door.


Back-to-back break-in’s reported

Officers were busy on Riverbank Road and Pine Street on the report of two burglaries at homes reported around the same time. At the Riverbank Rd. home, police found a back door window was smashed to gain entry but a license and a piece of paper with a name was found by the window. The other residence, on Pine Street, police continue to investigate.


Falling for Founder’s Day – but not in a fun way

A detail officer working on Central St. in Saugus Center during the Founder’s Day events on Saturday was approached by a local resident who stated that while walking down Central St. in front of the library, she stepped into a pothole in the road. The woman said that she was uninjured and refused medical treatment. The officer placed a large orange traffic cone over the hole – just in case.


There’s no age limit in thievery

Police received a call that a 60 year-old male wearing a blue tank top and a NY Yankees back pack was reaching into a green car parked outside the Square One Mall Best Buy Dept. Store and taking items from the console. Police dispatched discovered the vehicle with its glove box door ajar but no one matching the description of the suspect. Moments later, mall security reported that they had a man in custody caught allegedly breaking into parked cars.


Reason #235 why fences make great neighbors

A Fairmount Avenue resident called police stating that their neighbor’s dog had bitten and scratched his wife on their property. Medical assistance was offered and declined and the town’s animal control officer was notified.

Sunday, September 11

It was definitely “on the run” alright

  A call to police reported that a man was at the Mobile on the Run gas station on route one offering gasoline on a credit card for a cash payment. A witness provided police with a registration plate for the man’s vehicle but none matched, according to the police report. The credit card was reportedly declined at the pump as the man fled the scene prior to police arrival. An area search turned up negative for the suspect.


One dumb act deserves another

A Winter Street resident called police to report that while attempting to pull into her driveway, a red vehicle driven by an unknown woman tailgating her vehicle slammed its brakes behind her as she turned and then slowly drove away. A short time later, her husband heard a noise in their driveway and observed a woman placing something on her vehicle’s windshield. After noting the license plate of the woman’s vehicle, the woman identified the getaway car as the same red vehicle that had followed her earlier. Upon investigation, the message left on the woman’s vehicle was of an obscene nature, according to the police report, and a telephone number of the note writer was obtained by police. The officer cautioned the driver of the red vehicle not to harass the woman again and have no further contact.


Do they slam dance at the Continental?

  The manager of the famous Continental Restaurant called to report two customers had an altercation and one of the parties wished to file a complaint. Officers arrived at the restaurant to find both men at the scene who claim to have been involved in an argument over an incident that occurred on the dance floor. I guess you’re never to old to argue over who leads.




Tuesday, September 6


  Kristen J. Hiltz of Lambert St., Medford was charged with shoplifting by asportation, third offense.


Thursday, September 8

Jose Gomez of Beacon St., Lynn was charged with unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.


Friday, September 9

Roger Rivera of Newbury St., Lawrence was charged with unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

Eric S. Kermelewicz of 8 Jewett St., Saugus was charged with three counts of possession of a firearm without Federal Identification; improper storage of a firearm; possession to distribute a Class D drug; cultivating a controlled substance – subsequent offense; three counts of possession to distribute a Class B drug; possession of a Class C drug; possession of ammunition without Federal Identification; and possession of unlawful fireworks.


Sunday, September 11

Leslie A. Chisolm of 22 Myrtle St., Saugus was charged with domestic assault & battery; and assault & battery with a dangerous weapon.

12 year-old Juvenile was charged with domestic assault & battery.


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