The Old Sachem: We Invaded the Vikings

By Bill Stewart

The Sachem football squad turned the tables and invaded the Triton Vikings on Friday evening. The Vikings came into the game with a single win and remained in that position after almost being scalped by the Sachems. The first half was all Saugus as they sailed to a 28 to 7 lead. C.J. Randolph snuck in from the two after a long march of 70 yards for the first touchdown of the game. Triton drove right back with their 70 yard drive and ended it with Whitman dashing for 22 yards to pay dirt. The Sachems capped another 70 yard march with a 15 yard ramble by Randolph again. Tom Trainor was the kicker for all the PATs during the contest. On the next possession the Sachems drove 50 yards after recovering an onside kick. The clincher was a 30 yard pass from Randolph to Ryan Henehan for the TD. The last possession for the Sachems culminated in another 70 yard drive capped by Randolph sneaking in from the 2. The Sachems led 28 to 7 at the half. In the third period Triton got the only score to narrow the gap to 28 to 13. In the fourth the Sachems came alive again as Nick Benoit bounced in from the 7 to up the score 35 to 13. Triton added a scare into the game by scoring 2 touchdowns to bring the final total to Sachems 35, Vikings 27.

The next game will be on the Holiday when we travel to Peabody to herd the Tanners and finish with a winning season. The game is scheduled for 10 AM leaving plenty of time to return to the Turkey at home. The Sachem football games are shown on SCTV on Wednesday evenings, filmed by James Wylodka and the voice of yours truly.

In other action the Sachem cross country team completed in the State Divisional Cross Country Championships at Wrentham. They competed in Division 5 which was dominated by runners from Swampscott. Kevin Powers led Saugus with a time of 17:08.1 followed by Nick Monaco at 18:20, Evan Covell at 18:42, Michael Mansfield at 19:28.4, Michael Swanson at 20:55 and Steven Bennett at 20:50.

Last week’s predictions were 10 correct and I missed on Gloucester beating Swampscott and Newburyport edging Winthrop which leaves me with 41 correct and 16 wrong. Next week a rundown on the traditional games with predictions of scores.

4 comments for “The Old Sachem: We Invaded the Vikings

  1. Kate
    December 15, 2012 at 6:41 am

    As Karen always says – “perception is reality”.

    • Kate
      December 19, 2012 at 8:44 pm

      To the writers of the Malden Advocate if you researched this story about the deliberate circumventing of access to the building for those with disabilities you would be doing a great service for the community this holiday season. As it stands right now the Oak Grove Community Bld. is not deserving of having “community” in its name. I believe once the community is made aware, public opinion would force the city to do what is right. So please research this fully.

  2. Kcolonhayes
    December 18, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    As I stated in the article, that tree was planted as a “community” there were many people helping that day and we all took pride in doing the intitial landscaping- we still do. I was on the Board at the time of the Oak Grove Improvement Assocation and it was my husband who did the actual digging as a community member. Thank you for bringing that up- it is a nice memory.

    • Kate
      December 19, 2012 at 8:00 pm

      Karen, conveniently it appears you have faulty memory.. Neither you nor your husband had any involvement with that tree planting. Matter of fact it was a member of Oak Grove Imp. Assn. who privately purchased the tree. I live in Oak Grove and I remember when the tree was planted and the people who did the work.

      Since you are making a public announcement Karen I have to let you know how I read a copy of your husband Pat Hayes email to Jim Nestor telling how he intends to block universal access for the Oak Grove Community Bld. Even though the city has 100,000 for repairs to the building you and yours are going out of their way to circumvent the requirements of access for those with disabilities in this city. Should I copy and post that email on here to show the community what you are really about?

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