TM Crabtree announces free family movie night

Town Manager Scott Crabtree is pleased to announce that on Saturday, February 23, 2013, the Saugus Youth & Recreation Department will host a free family movie at the Saugus Town Hall Auditorium. “Based on the tremendous success of the tree lighting ceremony in December, we received many requests to continue providing free family oriented activities,” stated Crabtree.

The movie—a contemporary, G-rated Disney Pixar film—is about a cowboy who is replaced by a spaceman as the favorite toy in a young boy’s room. Due to the generosity of the dental office of Dr. Stephen G. Pentinge, the Town of Saugus can obtain proper licensure to show this film on a large screen to a public audience.

Any Saugus youth may attend this event as long as they are accompanied by an adult chaperone. Attendees are encouraged to arrive at 3 p.m. and bring a blanket, pillows, and comfy clothes. The film begins at exactly 3:30 p.m.

Town Manager Crabtree further stated, “It is clear that the Saugus Town Hall Auditorium was originally designed to provide a large space for community events such as this. Connecting children and parents with the public spaces and places of Saugus will continue to be a goal of this administration.”

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