Town braces for weekend blizzard

By Matthew Robare


The most recent National Weather Service (NWS) updates for the predicted winter storm over the weekend include Saugus in both the Blizzard Warning and the Coastal Flooding Warning. The NWS predicted that the storm could bring 18–24 inches of snow throughout Eastern Massachusetts and also involve winds potentially reaching 55 mph.

Town Manager Scott Crabtree said he will meet with Department of Public Works Director James Waugh, Police Chief Domenic Dimella and Fire Chief Don McQuaid Friday morning to make plans with the most accurate information available. He said that a parking ban will probably be issued in the next two days, as well.

“In preparation for this we have added four ploughs with all attachments to the vehicles—pickups and some of the one ton vehicles,” Crabtree said. “And we added four sanders that we didn’t have before. The goal of that is to move towards keeping snow and ice removal in-house.”

The NWS has described the storm as being potentially “historic.” In addition to the Boston Metro area, the blizzard watch has been extended as far as Providence, while much of the rest of New England is under a winter storm warning watch.

“The guys at DPW have done a great job in previous storms,” Crabtree said.

With so much snow and such high winds, the NWS warning says that whiteout conditions could be possible and visibilities could drop as low as a quarter of a mile. Temperatures should be average; however, although with the winds it will feel a lot colder.

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